Friday Info and Railplan20/20

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Updates on today’s sightings will appear nearer the bottom …

Last night into my email popped a message from Lee McH regarding the Southern Stock changes with en new Railplan20/20 which makes for interesting reading. Here is it is in its entirety (I have only added links):

171‘s no longer operate west of Eastbourne (so cease serving Brighton, Falmer, Lewes, Glynde, Berwick and Polegate).

171’s cease serving Sanderstead, Riddlesdown, Upper Warlingham and Woldingham.

Oxted Bay no longer sees a train service during the week, shuttles to/from Uckfield only operate on a Sunday

313‘s no longer operate east of Southerham Jn toward Eastbourne (so cease serving all between Glynde and Ore)

455‘s no longer operate between Dorking and Horsham (so cease serving Horsham, Warnham, Holmwood and Ockley)

455’s are no longer allocated to operate between Leatherhead and Guildford, the route goes all 377 and if (when) the remaining guards loose route knowledge this is likely to be the end of any chance of seeing a 455/8’s at Bookham, Effingham Jn, Horsley, Clandon, London Rd Guildford and Guildford.

Redhill <> Tonbridge route becomes a shuttle and is allocated to be 377/3 all day.

The Epsom Downs branch is allocated 100% 455’s (no more booked 377’s – half hourly service too!)

Tattenham Corner is allocated 100% 377’s and most of these are of the 5 car varieties although there are no more booked 455’s the Coulsdon Town terminators return (that’s the station formerly known as Smitham) and these are booked 455, starting back from platform 2, Tattenham will probably still see 455’s on occasion.

I expect that’s not all, in fact it isn’t – Southern also appear to have ceased serving the Wimbledon loop (Stations via Tooting and West Sutton).

Makes for some interesting reading. So if you are a ‘Basher’ and want those classes over those lines … you better get your skates on.


Thursday’s effort

Hello all

6V60 Ardingly to Acton TC 66203 in it’s DB red livery … just missed a photo opportunity for it.
6M59 1050 Purley Yard Gbrf to Bardon Hill Gbrf 66762.

66762 6M59 1050 Purley Yard Gbrf to Bardon Hill Gbrf
66762 6M59 1050 Purley Yard Gbrf to Bardon Hill Gbrf

7V50 1108 Crawley Foster Yeoman to Acton T.C.59204 Photo on its way.

59204 7V50 1108 Crawley Foster Yeoman to Acton T.C.
Under a gloomy and rainy sky 59204 passes Selhurst with 7V50 1108 Crawley Foster Yeoman to Acton T.C.

Updates to come.

A Thought:
A post on the blog of Anonymous Widower is about “Government Must Commit To Investment In Rail Freight Connections To Ports”.

I have been saying this for years and that the railways used to synonymous with freight both local and national. Beaching and Privatisation has killed off a lot but even under BR the freight was played down. The full article is on Rail Technology magazine’s website.


What if we start having parcels centres for people to send items to the other end of the country (Remember Red Star Parcels?) or how about companies sending large stocks of, let’s say tinned goods (Tescos do this a bit) to a large distribution centre for onward travel by road or even more extreme .. what about Royal mail restarts mail trains?

It’s about time we utilised our rail network for other things than passengers .. Get more lorries off the road.

Just seems logical to me what do you think ?