Monday 30th July 2018

Hi all, 6K39 1152 Tonbridge West Yard Gbrf to Grain Foster Yeoman Gbrf 66703 at 12:43. Going through some old photos yesterday has brought back a lot of memories including my trip on the San Diego and Arizona State Railway from Campo back in 1995. It was one of those trips I can remember really … Continue reading Monday 30th July 2018


Favourite photo-spots: Brundall

Now this is a location I should go to

IMG_1513Re-signalling of the Wherry Lines from Norwich to Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft continues apace – with “bagged lollipops” having already appeared at a number of locations, so after previous looks at Reedham and Oulton Broad North, it is time to pay a visit to the third mechanically-signalled junction on this fascinating network.

Brundall station stands 5¾ miles east of Norwich and is the point where a single line to Great Yarmouth via Acle diverges from the double track route to Lowestoft. It is served by hourly trains on the Acle line and by some, though not all, of the Lowestoft services.

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New Sighting And Some New Line Thoughts

Hello one and all, 6Z49 1103 Crawley New Yard (Gbrf) to Cardiff Docks Greenergy Gb 66768 trundled past Selhurst at 11:44. It's a 'cop' for me (new sighting). I think it must be the heat but there really seems to be a number of wild ideas on new or reopened railways lines recently. A real … Continue reading New Sighting And Some New Line Thoughts