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Well I am, as the blog says, a part time spotter (Yes I know i spelt it wrong in the url but in my defence it was early when I set it up and had the family talking to me).
I also have my Model Railway Blog and Family History Blog (only occasionally updated now).

I have worked in the rail industry since 1986 and in the early days I was very much in to it but after meeting my wife (she occasionally came with me) we developed a life and as much as I enjoyed ‘spotting’ and ‘bashing’ I decided that the love of a good (and very hot) woman was better. I pushed trains out of my head mostly but I still noted haulage on journeys other than work, especially trips in Austria (Watch out for those pages coming). Looking back now I realise I missed thousands of miles on VEPs, CIGs, EPBs and other units (I had a complete dislike of units for years) and now those trains are consigned to the scrap yard and I have no numbers or photos of them – how foolish.

I realised how daft I was and started noting journeys to and from work. These were mostly 319s travelling between East Croydon and Kings Cross Thameslink (and later St. Pancras) and I can remember stuttering journeys to try and get on 377/5s when they began appearing. About 3 years ago I restarted ‘serious’ spotting noting all haulage and sightings travelling to and from work and whilst at my depot.

Travelling around the network is one of my passions as is photography. It’s a shame we have so many lines now disused and let to go to wrack and ruin. I write about my old trips, my current sightings and pretty much anything rail related that takes my fancy.

My views on the railways are my own and I would like to see the railway renationalised.

I hope you enjoy my blog, please feel free to contact me or post comments etc.


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Good Morning, I have just joined SE-GEN and have seen your posting today re GEN requests. I live in Long Eaton and I used to work at the RTC in Derby on the railway until I retired 6 years ago. I had many wonderful years doing the job I loved which also spilled out onto Bashing the Skeg train Class 20’s in the Summertime, and anything else as well. Halcyon days. I was just wondering what the criteria for GEN requests was, I am often in London and GEN is always helpful as you probably know. Do you just provide for the SE stuff or is this a nationwide offer. I am off to Glasgow later this month and need some GEN on the renumbered 320’s whilst I am there. I hope this request isn’t being too forward and I understand fully if you would rather not do this for me. Please let me know




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