About Me


Well I am, as the blog says, a part time spotter (Yes I know i spelt it wrong in the url but in my defense it was early when I set it up and had the family talking to me).

I have worked in the rail industry since 1986 and in the early days I was very much in to it but after meeting my wife (she occasionally came with me) we developed a life and as much as I enjoyed ‘spotting’ and ‘bashing’ I decided that the love of a good (and very hot) woman was better. I pushed trains out of my head mostly but I still noted haulage on journeys other than work, especially trips in Austria (Watch out for those pages coming). Looking back now I realise I missed thousands of miles on VEPs, CIGs, EPBs and other units (I had a complete dislike of units for years) and now those trains are consigned to the scrap yard and I have no numbers or photos of them – how foolish.

I realised how daft I was and started noting journeys to and from work. These were mostly 319s travelling between East Croydon and Kings Cross Thameslink (and later St. Pancras) and I can remember stuttering journeys to try and get on 377/5s when they began appearing. About 3 years ago I restarted ‘serious’ spotting noting all haulage and sightings travelling to and from work and whilst at my depot.

I had a blog but blog.com appear to have more down days than up days hence moving here. Should blog.com ever sort themselves out I hope to download the whole site and save it and maybe even upload it here.

I have built the Class 387 website (despite some negative comments from some people) for anyone to use/help with and you can find my photos on Flickr.

I hope you enjoy my blog, please feel free to contact me or post comments etc.


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