Codes used in my posts

In my posts I uses code to shorten the length of them, This can be confusing. Below I have lists all the CRS codes I have used. A FULL list can be found on this website, but I have only added to my list the ones I use frequently. I cannot see me using AMS (Amsterdam Centraal Station) any time soon.

BFR = London Blackfriars.
BTN = Brighton.
CBG = Cambridge.
CLJ = Clapham Junction.
COL = Colchester.
ECR = East Croydon
EDB = Edinburgh Waverley.
FPK = Finsbury Park.
GTW – Gatwick Airport.
GYM = Great Yarmouth.
HNH = Herne Hill.
HRN = Hornsey.
KGX = London Kings Cross.
LDS = Leeds.
LST = London Liverpool Street.
MNG = Manningtree.
NRW = Norwich.
ORP = Orpington.
PBO = Peterborough.
SRS = Selhurst.
STP = St. Pancras International.
TBD = Three Bridges.
VIC = London Victoria.
WAT = London Waterloo.
WCY = West Croydon.
YRK = York.


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