Austrian Stuff

I have been to Austria a number of times over the years and whilst there I have taken photos (See Flickr) and done a bit of spotting. Click on the year to go to the report.

1992: London to Wien via Oostende. Then to Wien to Salburg for the day. Also to Klagenfurt. For the Return journey we went from Velden am Wörthsee to München then Ooostende and onwards to London.

1996: The wife and I flew from London to Wien. Day trips were taken to Salzburg, Linz, Graz and an overnight trip to Klagenfurt.

2000: First trip with our son. Again we flew from HEathrow to Wien. Day trip was taken to Salzburg then down to Klagenfurt/Velden am Wörthersee. Back to Wien for a flight home.

2003: A three day trip to watch football with a mate also resulted in a bit of spotting too.

2010: With our son and our daughter’s first trip to Austria. Flying from Gatwick to Wien was cheaper than the train. Once there a lovely day trip to Salzburg was done. Then a week in Klagenfurt before a trip back to Wien and a flight back to Gatwick.

When next?


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