Sunday is ‘Trip to Edinburgh’ day.

Well it's changed ALOT here at Quern Street. No 47/7s. 1R34 Glasgow Queen Street to Edinburgh Eaverlet 385023, 385112. Utterly shattered. 1R93 Edinburgh to Glasgow Queen Street 385015, 385(the number is in the room I'll edit this when i get up).


Away we go 13/04/2019

Off to Glasgow today with the family. 9J08 East Croydon to London Bridge 700138. London Bridge to Euston 51595. 1S42 Euston to Glasgow Central 390045. Updates soon. Virgin Trains are an utter joke. Ok so 1C70 failed north of Preston amd we were sent to Preston. I understand that. What I don't understand is that … Continue reading Away we go 13/04/2019