Glasgow – Planning

When SWMBO went up the Glasgow recently for business she sort of promised we'd get a trip up there together (and with our lass). Well that got forgotten or so I thought. The other night SWMBO looked over and said she'd been looking at the Premier Inn in Glasgow that was fairly central and we … Continue reading Glasgow – Planning


Future Trip Plans

Back in December 2018 I posted up a list of things I wanted to achieve. The Hastings to Ashford line is now cleared and I have completed 50% of the c2c Electrostars which makes getting the other 50% even harder. What else is on the cards? My 'Branch Lines Of Desire' plan was to do … Continue reading Future Trip Plans

End Of January Mini Spot

All being well on the 31s I am intending to try and knock a trio of 387/3s off my list with a early bash to Fenchurch Street. The plan is thus: Plan A 2J06 06:56 to London Bridge (Class 455 more than likely). Walk to Fenchurch Street (my feet). 1P24 08:08 Fenchurch Street to Shoeburyness … Continue reading End Of January Mini Spot

The Longest Train Journey – My Target.

It's another one of the "It's Geoff and Vicki's fault" posts. On the 13th July 2018 up popped a new video on YouTube for All the Stations's Geoff and Vicki. Entitled 'The Longest Train' I decided to have a look as I had previously binge watched the whole All The Stations videos and thoroughly enjoyed … Continue reading The Longest Train Journey – My Target.