My Favourite Stations #2


Railway Cottage, Station Rd, Beckingham, Doncaster DN10 4PX

Originally built in 1849 the station was rebuilt into is present form in 1938. Doncaster was also the home of the large rolling stock and locomotive works (later known as British Rail Engineering Limited (BREL)). Doncaster was served by LNER in the age of stream and in later years British Rail. Today’s services are; CrossCountry, Hull Trains, TransPennine Express, Grand Central, Northern and Virgin Trains East Coast.

Why is a favourite of mine?
There are couple of reasons. Mainly you’re left alone by the staff on the station as they know why you’re there and unless you are being a nuisance or breaking the railway byelaws they won’t trouble you. It’s a good place to spot and there are always other spotters and photographers on the station, some chat and some don’t. But it’s the freight that pass through the station that’s the main attraction to many spotters and photographers (see below for some photos from various eras are Donny).

What rolling stock?
Virgin have Class 91s and HSTs and occasionally the Class 90 on loan.
Northern have DMUs (Class 143, 143), EMUs (322s).
CrossCountry use DMUs (classes 220, 221).
Grand Central have the Class 180s (used to have HSTs as well).
Hull Trains are all class 180s.

66091 at Doncaster on 4D56 Biggleswade Plamor to Heck Plasmor PS

91114 at Doncaster on 1S17 Kings Cross to Edinburgh

08529 at Doncaster Jun 2007

56094 powers through Doncaster on a MGR freight train

185114 at Doncaster Apr 2014

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Wordless Wednesday #11

RDB901601 Cyclops ex Trestrol EC

RDB901601 Cyclops ex Trestrol EC at York NRM (date unknown).

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My Favourite Station #1


Whitby Station, Langborne Rd, Whitby YO21 1YN

It just has to be Whitby as the first in my favourite list of stations. Built in the 1840s by the York and North Midland Railway the station passed to the North Eastern Railway and in 1883 was renamed Whitby Town this name changed coincided with the the opening of Whitby West Cliff station the same year. Originally the station has two main platforms with a central road between them and two bay platforms (3 & 4). The bay platforms are now underneath the large Co-op store. At the end of platform 1 is the old two road engine shed which at one time was a ships chandlers but now is falling in to wrack and ruin (EDIT: it’s now in use as a private car and motor cycle parking facility). It would be lovely to see the shed in railway use again but that is now practically impossible now that some of the old “shed running lines” are now under housing. It’s a shame but such is progress (even if it isn’t the best). The Whitby to Middlesbrough line escaped Beeching by the skin of it’s teeth unlike the Whitby to Scarborough and Whitby to Pickering lines.

Whitby Town copy.jpg
By Geoffrey Skelsey

Why is a favourite of mine?
Well simply it is in Whitby and is the end of the line from Middlesbrough. Many times I have been on the train as it approaches and the view of the Abbey through the Larpool Viaduct is amazing. For many years it was only platform 1 in use for the BR and Northern Rail services, but in 2014 the North Yorkshire Moors Railway opened platform two for their services (they had used platform one for a number of years) thus bring back Steam to Whitby.

What rolling stock?
Well in all honesty – not a lot. Northern Rail operate classes 156, 153 and 142s down the line (I remember the original first generation DMUs in the photo above – much nicer). Whilst the NYMR operate their steam traction and the occasional diesel loco. I’ve seen all sorts in the stations over the year including a full rake HST 125 set back in about 1991.

Coming soon … part 2.

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Tuesday Notes

Morning all, (Update 18/04/18 @ 07:45)

6V60 Ardingly to Acton TC is on its way in the form of 66120.

Earlier at Horsham:
700132 formed 5F78
700133 formed 2C04
700112 formed 5J58
Stabled were: 700145, 700117, 700104

Had to pop to a meeting yesterday and timed it right for 7O68 1234 Acton T.C. to Purley Foster Yeoman 59101.

59001 7O68 Acton TC to Purley Foster Yeoman

59001 7O68 Acton TC to Purley Foster Yeoman

Updates to come and a new article later too!

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