Happy Birthday to me ……

And a trip to Eastleigh on Wednesday. Before I get in to that, can I say sorry for the lack of updates. Depression is a right bitch and although I have noted numbers on my phone in Spotlog I've just not been able to get myself into gear to post here (or anywhere). Selhurst (07:20): … Continue reading Happy Birthday to me ……


Bank Dulliday Monday

Greetings, Well looking at RTT there appears to be now freight so to looks like the highlight of the day so far will be this: 3T63 0712 Three Bridges Tl Up Depot to Cricklewood Depot 700043 . 0935 Purley Foster Yeoman to Cliffe Brett Marine 66168 Didn't think this was running today but I managed … Continue reading Bank Dulliday Monday

Sunday London Trip (and one from today).

Selhurst: 2W31 Bedford to Brighton 700006. 1U63 Gatwick Airport to Victoria 387207. 1W18 Brighton to Bedford 700010. 1D66 Victoria to Gatwick Airport 387211, 387201. 2R11 West Croydon to Victoria 377607, 377623 (Selhurst to Victoria 9m 31ch). Clapham Junction: 1L33 Waterloo to Exeter St Davids 153102, 159013. Victoria: 2K52 Victoria to Sole Street 465908 . 2D46 … Continue reading Sunday London Trip (and one from today).

Cheeky Clapham Trip

With nothing due through Selhurst today freight wise and having to work, I decided to take a cheeky trip up to Clapham Junction. Mainly to see if I could see cl.707s, cl.159s and cl.458s.. 2P47 1454 Caterham to London Victoria 455815 (6m 60ch). Clapham Junction: Loads to see but I was trying to pick up … Continue reading Cheeky Clapham Trip