SN 171 snapshot

171201 - 5E21 18/09/2018 11:12 East Croydon 18/09/2018 11:34 Selhurst T&RSMD 171202 - 2D19 18/09/2018 10:24 Ashford (Kent) 18/09/2018 11:42 Eastbourne 171401 - 1E24 18/09/2018 10:33 Uckfield 18/09/2018 11:53 London Bridge 171402 - No diagram found / resource not allocated 171721 - No diagram found / resource not allocated 171722 - 5F96 18/09/2018 06:10 Eastbourne … Continue reading SN 171 snapshot


Barren Few Days

Well the past few days have been somewhat barren in the train department. Although as I look out I can see 377115 on overhaul, 171804 in the shed and 313211 split and one of the DMOS lifted! Anyone want a photo ?

Friday Info and Railplan20/20

Hi all, Updates on today's sightings will appear nearer the bottom ... Last night into my email popped a message from Lee McH regarding the Southern Stock changes with en new Railplan20/20 which makes for interesting reading. Here is it is in its entirety (I have only added links): 171's no longer operate west of … Continue reading Friday Info and Railplan20/20

By ‘eck it’s chilly

A little detour from the usual this loco did this service and that loco did that freight (UPDATE 13:28: Today's sightings at the bottom) ... SNOW ! Yesterday it was rather amusing. Using East Croydon as the base, I looked at the number of trains cancelled between 08:00 - 1600 on Realtimetrains and I was … Continue reading By ‘eck it’s chilly