A Little Stratford and IEP

Took day off and wanted a trip out. Selhurst 2J06 West Croydon to London Bridge (Selhurst to London Bridge) 455818, 455824 1D24 0645 London Victoria to Gatwick Airport 387205, 387219 Tulse Hill 1W07 0600 Bedford to Brighton 700003 Peckham Rye 2E11 0638 St Albans to Sevenoaks 700017 London Bridge 5E08 0730 Selhurst TandR.S.M.D to London … Continue reading A Little Stratford and IEP


Sun, Stratford and 345s

SO the first day of my leave and I was up and out of bed early and out to Stratford (London) Selhurst: 1D24 Victoria to Gatwick Airport 387224, 2J90 West Croydon to London Bridge (Selhurst to London Bridge) 455833, Tulse Hill: 2O02 0638 Sutton (Surrey) to Luton 700016, London Bridge: 2M14 0723 London Charing Cross … Continue reading Sun, Stratford and 345s

Last Day Of Work

Last day today for a week 🙂 1W82 Brighton to Bedford was 700112 today passing Selhurst at 08:27. 6G28 Nunhead Jn to Hoo Junction Up Yard was 66717 'Good Old Boy' passing at 08:48 running 222 minutes late !!!! 1W13 Bedford to Brighton on divert was 700104 passing at 09:13. 4M49 Crawley New Yard R.M.C. … Continue reading Last Day Of Work