Tuesdays Notes

I've been rather busy today and I forgot to post up the things seen. I had an early start as I had to pop to Croydon before work. Whilst on the platform at East Croydon I managedto get a 'cop' in the shape of 9T06 0648 Brighton to Bedford 700150. I'm really not sure about … Continue reading Tuesdays Notes


Barren Few Days

Well the past few days have been somewhat barren in the train department. Although as I look out I can see 377115 on overhaul, 171804 in the shed and 313211 split and one of the DMOS lifted! Anyone want a photo ?

The Class 800: My Impression.

Well after the wife managed to get 800309 twice last week I hoped I might be able to catch one of my own on the trip to Swansea or back to see what they are like. Our train of choice was 1B10 07:45 Paddington to Swansea. On my last trip it was a good old … Continue reading The Class 800: My Impression.

Friday Info and Railplan20/20

Hi all, Updates on today's sightings will appear nearer the bottom ... Last night into my email popped a message from Lee McH regarding the Southern Stock changes with en new Railplan20/20 which makes for interesting reading. Here is it is in its entirety (I have only added links): 171's no longer operate west of … Continue reading Friday Info and Railplan20/20