Good Start To The Week

Yesterday I was dragged to the O2 arena with the wife for that coke lorry thing .... Today got better! 0F84 Tonbridge West Yard to Cardiff Central in the shape of 37175 and a cop no less and I managed a photo too ! On 17 road in the shed we have the former Scotrail … Continue reading Good Start To The Week


Wednesday (19/10) Items

Morning all, When I arrived today 313202 was on the Lathe in the Repair shed. 1A13 Brighton to Vic was formed of 387210, 387216, 387217 this was followed by 1A17 Brighton to Victoria which was 387223, 387211, 387226. Todays RHTT was a brace of EDLs comprised of 73128, 73212. I feel a trip out coming … Continue reading Wednesday (19/10) Items

Down to Durrington On Sea.

Having dropped my son off at University yesterday the manic times have begun to calm down in in our place. So with the wife tired and needing a rest and the daughter enjoying the peace at home I decided to take myself off to Worthing Model Railway Exhibition at Durrington High School. First there are … Continue reading Down to Durrington On Sea.

Last few days

Catch up time again: SpotLog Report25/08/201612:23UK171171201Selhurst Repair Shed 26/08/201611:44UK6666155Selhurst6M49 Crawley New Yard R.M.C to Acton T.C12:47UK5959202Selhurst6V00 Newhaven Day Aggregates to Acton T.C13:41UK5959104Selhurst7O68 Acton T.C to Purley Foster Yeoman14:28UK6666188Selhurst6O79 Acton T.C to Crawley Foster Yeoman15:10UK377377617Selhurst15:10 vic-cat (srs-ecr)17:16UK455455815Selhurst2J81 Lbg-wcy (srs-wcy)17:16UK455455822Selhurst2J81 Lbg-wcy (srs-wcy)17:28UK378378202West Croydon17:33 wcy-hhy17:33UK378378139West Croydonarr17:47UK377377303West Croydon2S57 suo-vic (wcy-cpa)17:48UK377377319West Croydon2S57 suo-vic (wcy-cpa)17:48UK377377420West Croydon2S57 suo-vic (wcy-cpa)22:05UK377377123Crystal Palace2S66 22:05 vic-nrj … Continue reading Last few days