Rolling Blog: Little trip to Kingston

Happy Birthday to my daughter today who turned 16! Taking her over to Kingston for the shops and a lovely resturant called Steins. Currently on a Southern 455 (455809, 455804). Hopefully i may be able to finish off the SWR 455 and/or 707s. Updates later. Well it was all 455s to and from Kingston and … Continue reading Rolling Blog: Little trip to Kingston


Saturday / Sunday notes inc 313201

I've finally managed to get out of bed at almost 9am !!!!!!! It appears 313201 is following in my footsteps and is having a rest today. Now my lass is growing up it was time that we have the initial "University Day Trip" yesterday. It was only in East London so no long trip. Starting … Continue reading Saturday / Sunday notes inc 313201

The Banbury Round Robin Full List

The aim of the day was to get a new loco, a bit of new track, a bit of new haulage and hopefully see a few new things. Of course one of my days out wouldn't be right without the odd little glitch or annoyance. Setting off from Selhurst I managed a lot earlier train … Continue reading The Banbury Round Robin Full List

Reading Round Robin

Rolling blog today all so like last Sunday I'll post up a full list of sightings at the end of the day (or tomorrow morning if I'm tired). So no indicators at Selhurst this morning so just waited and ended up on the platform in time for the 2B23 Epsom Downs to Victoria 455832. So … Continue reading Reading Round Robin