Officially Hate 455s

[Updated: 13:20] Hi one and all ... this will give you a laugh ! So I geared up to see 5Z82 0842 East Grinstead Sidings to Bishops Lydeard 37668, 98582 pass me here and off course what happens? 8-car 455s on an ECS runs past and blocks my photo op ! ! ! 6V60 0923 … Continue reading Officially Hate 455s


Friday Info and Railplan20/20

Hi all, Updates on today's sightings will appear nearer the bottom ... Last night into my email popped a message from Lee McH regarding the Southern Stock changes with en new Railplan20/20 which makes for interesting reading. Here is it is in its entirety (I have only added links): 171's no longer operate west of … Continue reading Friday Info and Railplan20/20

395 Mileage Accumulator

With the missus and daughter off to the Ideal Homes Exhibition and having been off sick I really didn't feel like staying home. The class 395s have always been a bit of a guilty secret of mine as mostly I do like the old traction and the 395s are 'modern' but many moons ago there … Continue reading 395 Mileage Accumulator

Swift Swansea Sojourn

So after the shock and lots of things to be done following my Mum's death and it being half term, we decided to take a trip to Swansea to go to the American Diner DENNY'S ... What a feast! Oh and a bit of train spotting too. Selhurst (06:14) 1A03 Brighton to Victoria (Selhurst to … Continue reading Swift Swansea Sojourn