Tomorrow and Someday

So Tomorrow I'm off to Swansea with the kids. Soon I'll be off looking for the Fuglys. You know ? .... Class 70s. Now whilst I need a number of them for photos I only need seven for sight. 001, 002, 003, 004, 005, 006 and 012. Now 012 is next to impossible to get … Continue reading Tomorrow and Someday


Swift Swansea Sojourn

So after the shock and lots of things to be done following my Mum's death and it being half term, we decided to take a trip to Swansea to go to the American Diner DENNY'S ... What a feast! Oh and a bit of train spotting too. Selhurst (06:14) 1A03 Brighton to Victoria (Selhurst to … Continue reading Swift Swansea Sojourn

Sightings Catch up

Evening all, A catch up of the past couple of weeks is order. 14/10/2017 - Selhurst: 3W90 Tonbridge West Yard Gbrf to Tonbridge West Yard Gbrf 73107, 73109. 3W91 Tonbridge West Yard Gbrf to Tonbridge West Yard Gbrf 66730, 66732. 2Y07 Victoria to Caterham (Selhurst to East Croydon) 377605 . East Croydon: 2M39 East Croydon … Continue reading Sightings Catch up

Happy Birthday to me ……

And a trip to Eastleigh on Wednesday. Before I get in to that, can I say sorry for the lack of updates. Depression is a right bitch and although I have noted numbers on my phone in Spotlog I've just not been able to get myself into gear to post here (or anywhere). Selhurst (07:20): … Continue reading Happy Birthday to me ……