MAXIMUM PACER-age (The Full List)

Sorry for the delay ... family and work taking up most of my time. Tuesday 4th December 2018 Euston 1H08 Euston to Manchester Piccadilly (Euston Manchester Piccadilly) 390118 9G04 Euston to Birmingham NewStreet 390132 9G05 Euston to Birmingham NewStreet 390143 1M11 Glasgow Central to Euston 90042 5M11 Euston to Wembley Yard 87002 1F11 Euston to … Continue reading MAXIMUM PACER-age (The Full List)


Maximum Pacerage – 4th December 2018

With the Pacers (Classes 142, 143, 144) being phased out by 2020, the main purpose of this trip was to 'cop' and photograph as many of the class before their demise. An early start saw me head to Selhurst station for 06:00. A couple of minutes after I arrived up popped a mate from work … Continue reading Maximum Pacerage – 4th December 2018

The 50th Birthday Bash

Well done to TfL for doing their utmost best to screw up my morning with their poor communication, dangerous practice and mind numbing decisions. From Selhurst, Southern ran to time but it was 455s again. 2J08 gave me 455835, 455829. The Jubilee line wasn't running properly and the Northern was going slow too, it always … Continue reading The 50th Birthday Bash

The Quest For Fuglys! Oct 10th, 2018

I guess really this post should be called in search of the 333s as that was on of the primary reasons for my trip. I haven't been to Leeds since October of 1996 which is a long old time. Up and early out of the house for the 06:01 to London Bridge (2J04) and the … Continue reading The Quest For Fuglys! Oct 10th, 2018