Loop the loop?

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From the prototype for everything department.  How about a yard inside a reversing loop, including an engine shed and turntable.  Try Danbury, Connecticut, where there is a full loop at the end of the commuter services from New York.  Lines also lead into the top left of the photo, and there is a branch off the loop bottom right (just the right place for the staging?)


The Danbury station is now a commuter rail stop on the Danbury Branch of the Metro-North Railroad’s New Haven Line. The station is the northern terminus of Danbury Branch. In 1968, you might have had views like this.

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An overdue visit to a special railroad tunnel that never saw the first train

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Railfan 1995 pt.2

So what else was on the railway? You have already seen EMD (1952) MRS-1 (#1809) in part 1. Next up is another EMD MRS-1 (#1820). U.S. Air Force #2104 This is a turbocharged, variable-gauge road switcher. Built by American Locomotive Co., Schenectady, NY; April 27, 1953. ALCo/GE built 83 MRS-1 units, and EMD(GM) 13 units. … Continue reading Railfan 1995 pt.2

Railfan 1995 pt.1

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